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State Math Standards (TEKS)

The Math State Standards (known as TEKS) have changed in every grade this year.  Some previous 7th grade standards have been moved to lower grades.  Therefore, there are many standards taught in 7th grade that build upon standards that this year's 7th graders may not have learned.  We will spend bell work time to try to fill in those gaps.  However, in order to master the skills, some will have to be practiced at home.  Some examples of standards previously in 7th grade that have now been moved to lower grades would be:

Add, subtract, multiply, divide all integers (positive whole numbers, their negatives, and zero).  The 7th grade TEK includes all rational numbers (not just whole numbers but fractions and decimals as well).

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and decimals.

These two changes alone bring an added challenge to what we are seeking to accomplish this year.  I believe the students will work hard and be rewarded with much success.

Attached is a list of the new 7th Grade TEKS if you are interested in reading them.

7th Grade TEKS