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Educational Websites

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy is a game in which students learn and practice math skills while going on an adventure and virtually battling their classmates.

Fact Monster: Facts Flashcards

Students are able to practice math facts with digital flashcards on Fact Monster.

Moby Max

Students are able to learn and practice math and reading skills through Moby Max. They are also able to learn science and social studies content through the website.

Study Jams! By Scholastic

Study Jams allows students to learn math and science concepts and interact with the lessons through activities. 


Use the Quizizz link to login to our live class competitions and Quizizz homework assignments. 

Be sure you have a class code to join!

Virtual Nerd

Virtual Nerd contains video tutorials on math concepts.  


MathTV contains over 10,000 free math videos.

PBS Learning Media

A website containing educational videos and interactive activities. You are able to view math, science, social studies, and language arts content through PBS Learning Media.

Khan Academy

You are able to learn and practice math skills through Khan Academy.

Interactive Math Dictionary for Kids

An interactive dictionary where you are able to look up definitions of math vocabulary words.

TEA: Interactive Math Glossary/ Dictionary

A math glossary/dictionary created by the Texas Education Agency.

TEKS for 6-8 Math

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (Texas educational standards) for 6th-grade math.

6th Grade Mathematics TEKS Supporting Information

A Texas Gateway supporting information document regarding 6th-grade mathematics TEKS.

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