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Solar System


Research Websites for Space Travel Accommodations

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Jaxa Space Station Kids

NASA Space Station Pages

ESA Kids -- Life in Space

A) Leaving Earth

Overcoming gravity:

 NASA What is microgravity?

Rocket Principles

How fast does a rocket have to go to escape earth's gravity?

Slingshot effect:

Slingshot Simulation

Let Gravity Assist You

How does slingshot effect change orbit of spacecraft?


 NASA Space Place

Space Station Orbit

Current ISS position

Distances in space:

 Astronomical Distances

B) Effects of Microgravity on the Body

How does spending prolonged time in microgravity affect the bodies of astronauts?

The Body in Space

Use it or Lose it

PBS Living in Microgravity

Gravity Hurts

Mental Fog

C) Pressure, Temperature, and Atmosphere Changes

Temperatures outer space

Space Suit Images & History

Space suits - inside spacecraft: Spacewear

Space suit construction: NASA Space Suits

PBS Space Suits

How Stuff Works -- Space Suits

Space suit evolution

Clickable Space Suits

What is a space suit?

Space Suit Facts

D) Space Food

Space food

Nasa Space Food

PBS Living & Eating

Commercial Resupply

E) Waste Management


Plumbing the Space Station

Sanitation in Space

Water on Space Station

F) Living and Working in Space

Living and Working in Space

Living and Sleeping

Personal Hygiene in Space

Morning routine

G) Spacecraft

Space Shuttle construction: Orbiter

International Space Station construction:  Space Station Facts

 Space X Falcon Dragon

Soyuz Spacecraft

Soyuz Spacecraft

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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Solar System Research

NASA Planets


Multimedia Planets

Planets for Kids

National Geographic Planets

Sun's Atmosphere

Sun's Composition

How's the Water?

Solar System Planets

Nine Planets

***When all other research is completed, you may go to the sites listed below:

Hubble's Solar System Gallery

Solar System Simulator

Solar System scope

Mars Rovers

Scale of Solar System


NASA Solar System for Kids

Your age on other worlds