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2018-2019 JH Basketball Schedule

2018-19 Friona Braves, Maidens  


Date             Team         Location    Time (Team)  

Nov. 5                      Dimmitt              G (T)                5:00/6:15/

 Nov. 12**                   Tulia                G (T) B (H)         5:00/6:15    

Nov. 19                    Muleshoe             G (H) B (T)          5:00/6:15/     

Nov. 26                    Dimmitt              G (H) B (T)          5:00/6:15/     

Dec. 3                      Tulia                G (H) B (T)          5:00/6:15    

Dec. 10                    Muleshoe             G (T) B (H)          5:00/6:15                                                                                                                      

Dec. 17                    Dimmitt              G (T) B (H)          5:00/6:15/    

Jan. 7                      Tulia                G (T) B (H)          5:00/6:15    

Jan. 10 & 12                Friona JH Tournament               TBD

Jan. 14                    Muleshoe             G (H) B (T)          5:00/6:15/      

Jan. 21                    Dimmitt              G (H) B (T)          5:00/6:15/     

Jan. 28                    Tulia                G (H) B (T)          5:00/6:15

Feb. 2                      Girls District Tournament (7@RRHS, 8@BHS, 9@RRHS)      TBD   

Feb. 4                      Muleshoe             G (T) B (H)          5:00/6:15/

Feb. 9                      Boys District Tournament (7@BHS, 8@RRHS, 9@BHS) TBD

Feb. 11                    Dimmitt              B (T)                5:00/6:15/ (Boys Only)

Allowable – JH 12/2 tournaments     FULL  C  21/3 tournaments  12/3

** This game may flex to 11/15 due to football

Girls Coaches:                            Superintendent:

Trisha Steelman   (C/JV)                  Jimmy Burns

Trent Brenton     (JH B/C)                High School Principal:

Abby Dunnam       (JH)                    Erika Montana

Maddie Murphree   (JH)                    Boys Coaches:                

Pam Husted        (VA)                    Junior High Principal:

Boys Coaches                              Jesse Galdean

Jaden ONeal       (JH)                    Athletic Director:           

                                           Jimmy Arias

David Towner      (JV)

Adam Nix          (VA & JH)

Tommy DeLeon      (VA) 

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