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 By Colton Riethmayer 


Should 14 year olds be  able to drive? Yes and let me tell you why. Most 14 year olds are already mature enough to do what needs to be done on the road. Some may argue that they are too small, but that's why we have adjustable seats. One of the most argued points is that teens are not mature enough.  However, it is not really the age that matters, it's the training. One reason we need a drivers license at this age is so that we learn more responsibility and so our parents don't have to be our limo service. To this, some people say –  get a hardship license. However, you can only apply for one when you are 15 and 6 months old, so that's not realistic. This is not a problem for big cities, but small towns do not have public transportation. One of my peers, Rafael, is a great athlete but he cannot get to practice and might have to quit athletics if he can't show up on time. What do we do in his case? Additionally, on rainy days the busses cannot always get to the country. So you tell me, are we to deprive teens of sports, school, and other events? 

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by: Alex Montes

I believe that a 14 year old should not be allowed to drive. With little experience,  letting these young teens drive will probably lead to more wrecks and deaths. 
Research says that anyone driving under the age of 16 will lead to more wrecks. “Teen drivers’ crash risks multiply when they have teen passengers. Set limits and enforce them,” said by the experts at AAA.   Driving at the age of 14 can not only be a hazard for teens but a hazard for other drivers too. If you were a 14 year old driving in a big city like Dallas, that kid would have no experience whatsoever with what to do. That will probably lead to more wrecks and deaths. This is why I believe that a 14 year old should not be allowed to drive. “Keys2Drive” February, 2017.

Dangers Of FireworkIn Town

By Juan Diego Salinas

            Popping fireworks is a fun activity, but popping fireworks in town is a dangerous thing to do. With that being said, there are already laws in many cities and towns that prevent fireworks from being discharged inside the city limits.
            Setting off fireworks inside the city limits is dangerous because people could start fires. If fireworks are allowed to be detonated in town, I guarantee there will be trash from fireworks on city streets on the days following the 4th of July. The city will have to pay citizens to go out and clean the streets. When kids see fireworks going off, they also want to set some off. If the parents buy children fireworks, the children could take the fireworks into a flammable area and start a major fire. Instead of letting people detonate fireworks in city limits, the city should host a huge firework show for people to enjoy. Families could get together and have fun activities while the fireworks are going off.
            Besides, if you set off fireworks in city limits, you could get fined up to $2,000 per incident. Surely no one would like to be fined that much just for setting off fireworks. Almost all cities in the United States only allow fireworks to be set off outside the city limits.
Even with that law, there are an estimated 18,500 fires caused by fireworks in the U.S. each year. “A few years ago we almost lost our home as a result of the careless use of fireworks when a neighbor boy accidentally burned his garage down,” stated one homeowner. Houses could be lost because people don't handle fireworks properly. Although most adults do handle fireworks with care, the firework could malfunction and burn people or houses. One time when I went to go visit my family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we decided to set off a firework in the city and the firework malfunctioned. The grass caught fire, but luckily the neighbors all had fire extinguishers and we put the fire out. There was an adult with us, but sometimes the fireworks have a mind of their own. 
            In conclusion, I think that fireworks shouldn't be allowed to be set off in city limits. They are dangerous and sometimes they could malfunction. Do you want your child to be injured or your house to set on fire?

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Fireworks In Town

By: Malachi Torres

    There are many reasons to have and pop fireworks in town. It’s always a hassle to get out of town, get your fireworks together, etc. Why not just stay in town to pop them? 
    First, you can pop the safe ones for the kids. These safe fireworks don’t cause fires. They are made from a company named the “FunnerWorks Company.” These are the fireworks you throw on the floor and they give a pop. If your older and with friends, you can go somewhere where there is dirt in the city and blast them there so a fire wouldn't start.
    Next, you could snap fireworks with your families in the city or town. This is the time where your family gets together and has fun with each other. They don't want to travel out of town just to burst fireworks. They would rather stay together and pop them with each other. You should let the kids pop the safer ones and let the adults activate the more difficult ones. For example, in Orange County, Costa Mesa, support this. They support the family things and popping fireworks in town. They call it unpatriotic for them not to do it.
    Many people feel as if they are getting punished for not being able crack fireworks. One reason some people do not support being able to explode fireworks in town is that they leave trash everywhere. People say that it will cover the streets and things like that, but if we were able to pop them in the city, they could make a new law to where you have to pick up the trash. After this law, you wouldn’t have to worry about anymore trash around the city or town. 
    In conclusion, fireworks in town would be a good idea. There are so many benefits for popping fireworks in town such as family time.  Who doesn’t like family time? We would also pick up our trash afterwords and pop the fireworks that don’t cause a fire. If we ended up with fireworks that have fire, we can go somewhere where there is dirt or somewhere else that won’t catch on fire. Do you think we should have fireworks in town?”Mensinger On The Attack” 17 March 2009. Web. 8 February 2017.

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall 
By Emily Amaya

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to just walk into the restroom and have a mirror available for you to use?  Yes, I believe mirrors in girls’ restrooms will help with your self-esteem. By that, I mean mirrors show you your true self; they don't lie to you or change your appearance to make you look better. They will also make you feel happier with yourself. 
Mirrors have a good impact on all people. For instance,  mirrors make girls feel confident about themselves. They encourage girls to try to achieve higher. It is also proven that the more well groomed the student, the higher the expectations. Mirrors encourage students to work hard, be helpful, and try more not to bully. Most people will try to tell you differently about mirrors. They say mirrors lower your self-esteem, because some people don't like what they see in the mirror. But to me, it is not the mirror. You can take a picture take of yourself  on your phone without filters and you will see exactly what you saw in the mirror. Some argue that kids spend too much time standing at the mirrors in school. Well, would you rather them take pictures of themselves just to make sure they look good or just let them take a couple of minutes to look at themselves in the mirror?

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               Are You Looking Away Your Confidence?

                                                                         By: Kambree Kimbrough 


          The idea of mirrors is well, what I just said, only an idea. But when it comes down to it, this will never happen. It would be great to fix your hair or check your teeth. But overly looking at yourself in the mirror can lower your self esteem. Also, discipline issues are a problem coming from a school that had mirrors taken out because they couldn't be mature enough to respect the value of a mirror. If you put the mirrors in the bathroom there will be kids fixing hair, doing makeup, etc. Additionally, only one person can stand over the sink to wash their hands anyway. If more people come into the bathroom for longer periods of time, the bathrooms will feel like a zoo.  Yes, others might not judge you, but the average person checks their reflection 8 times a day. That's 8 more times to judge your flaws and imperfections instead of just loving well… you!

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Do Schools Need Vending Machines?

By: Daniela Rodriguez

I do not believe we should have vending machines in schools. Usually schools focus on profit, but the school may pay over $4,000 for the vending machine  and over $1,000 for snacks. Yes, the school can make up the money, but if the students don't use the vending machines then the school will not profit. Many schools do not bother putting nutritious food on in the machines, which can harm the students’ health. Many snacks contain peanuts, and if a student has a peanut allergy...well, the results can be deadly.  Research shows that 30% of the adult population and 40% of children have an allergy to peanuts.  A student could accidentally buy something with even the littlest trace of peanuts in them. When schools don't put in healthy items into the vending machine, that could lead to bad eating habits. All in all, I believe that vending machines in schools are not beneficial.


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Why Change School Time?

By: Patricia DeLaCruz

Image result for schools

Should schools start later in the morning? No, schools shouldn't start later.  Any student will tell you- they have other things to do. 
For example, if you're an athlete you have games in the afternoon. If school starts later in the morning, you don’t get to learn as much as the other students. You might fall behind because you don’t understand, and you start failing that class. The result is that you won't be eligible to play in the games.
Changing the school time causes a lot of issues with parents working schedule. Research says this is the largest concern about changing the school schedule. The parents may not be able to drop off their kid(s). It'll be a bigger challenge if they have younger children that need supervision while getting ready for school or waiting for the school bus. Their schedules are already tight.  If schools start later in the morning, they'll be stressing even more. Some parents work later in the morning, so they drop off their kids at school before going to work. If school starts later they  have to find someone else to give their kid(s) a ride to school.
Another reason is that students need to do other things after school. These include helping around the house, taking care of farm animals (if they own a farm), etc. If you're a high school student, you might have a job to go to after school. If school starts later, the results are that you're not going to be able to do that. In addition, you still have to do homework and/or study for huge tests/finals.
 Another thing reserach says is that during the winter, the sun sets earlier. Some kids and/or teens walk home making it dangerous since there is less daylight. 
Students and teachers may get more sleep if school starts later in the morning, but this is something that can be controlled. So many students complains that they're so tired, but when someone asks them what time they went to sleep,  they respond with 10 P.M, 11 P.M, or 12 A.M. So technically, the school doesn't need to change the starting time, the students need to change their bedtime.
 School should not start later. It is the students’ responsibility to get a goodnight of sleep and to be prepared and ready in the morning.  

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  School Later?-Yes!

By: Rebecca Maldonado

Should we start school later in the morning? The answer is yes. It would be so much better.

First, we will get more sleep.  This allows students’ brains to function properly and be more alert. Psychologists Susan Lipkins, who specializes in children, said,”Kids in middle school and high school, would do better if they started later.” Lipkins also pointed out that there are changes in the level of melatonin and other hormonal shifts that alter teens’ natural sleep-wake cycle.
    Secondly, we will have more time to get ready. By this I mean students will  have more time to get all of their stuff together, instead of always being in a rush. This will be easier for the students and it will help us strive for greater accomplishments.

Finally, our attitudes will improve. This will also improve our grades. Instead of being forced out of bed so early, causing our attitudes to plummet, we can wake up at a more comfortable time.  This will change our mood.  Our grades will look very different too. Allowing some extra time to work on our  homework will not only make grades look better, but make our teachers happy too.
    In conclusion, we  should start schools at a later time. This will allow us to perform better in school and have better grades.

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Why Do Your Looks Matter?

By: Yazmyne Romero

Why do you need pre game jerseys? Many athletics girls have been asking for warm-up jerseys. From my perspective, I  think they are a waste of money. The fact is, you will only use them for warming up. I’ve asked a former student if she would like to have pre game warm-up jerseys, and she declared, “Yes, I prefer long sleeve, because they are cuter.” So these pre-game warm-up jerseys are all about looks, which to me, is non- sense .
                         The first thing that came to my mind when the student preferred long sleeve was, wouldn’t long sleeve make you sweat before the game started? I know that the majority, or even all the girls will disagree with me, but I’m here to prove them wrong. Pre game jerseys run from $45 to $60 for one jersey. Now, this is where the girls will say they can get them cheaper. Well, they could do that, but at the end, all the girls probably won’t be responsible, and won't take care of them. Therefore, the school will have to buy more for girls who are not responsible.
                      In no way are the jerseys beneficial to our school, so the school shouldn't have to waste money on things that aren't needed. They also say that a warm-up jersey is a way to represent our team that's not the case. The way you act and play is the way we need to represent our school. Also, coaches would have to to waste  the time figuring out sizes.  Think about it, are jerseys worth the time and money to buy?  Absolutely not!

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By: Mirelly Armendariz

    A question has been brought up at Friona school a couple of times. Can girls have a  softball team? Some believe we should have a softball team because it gives the girls something to do while the boys play baseball. It’s not a bad idea, but let’s face reality.
    When you get into high school, you lead a busy life! You know that academics comes first. Girls already have volleyball, basketball, golf, powerlifting, track, tennis, etc. While they have all of that, there is also clubs, band, choir, for example. With all of these time-consuming activities going on, there would be no time for softball. Girls will say, “ Not all girls are doing everything in high school.” That’s true, but high school gets harder. The work and time doubles. 
    Did you think about the expense? Research reported that, “...softball is a costly sport.” Of course you want good equipment so it can last. A good softball bat can cost up to $250! The opposing question may arise. “Well, why can’t we just get one from Wal-Mart?” We don't know how reliable they are or how professional they look. That goes for all the equipment. An average glove can cost up to $150. You also need cleats for softball. They can be $90! All this money spent on softball may limit some school trips.

    One last problem with softball is injuries! Softball can lead to quite a few injuries. A common softball injury is “shoulder tendinitis” (inflammation in the shoulder). Your shoulder will feel very stiff and sore. Technically, you need to stay away from physical activity until it heals. Usually, it takes a couple of weeks to recover which means you would be a bench warmer for some practices and a game or two. That may be some medical bills your parents won't want to pay.
    Don’t forget, you still need to hire a coach that's experienced with softball. It may be difficult to find one! I believe we don't need a girl’s softball team in high school. Is softball really worth the time and effort?

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By:Sharlene Maldonado

       Wouldn't you want to be able to choose softball for one of your sports in high school? Softball would actually be a fair sport to consider adding for high school girls. Girls don’t have as many sports to choose from as the guys do. At the beginning of the year guys play football while we play volleyball. We both do basketball, tennis, and track. While practicing for track the high school boys are also preparing for baseball. That's the extra sport they get to have that we don’t. 
     I do understand that adding another sport means squeezing more practice into your calendar. Between track and school, another sport might just be a little to much to handle or at least that's what some students think. In my point of view some teenagers in my grade act as if they are extremely busy, but in reality they're not. 14 and 15 year olds only have to worry about youth and homework. Some they say they have too much homework that cuts into their time of  being able to practice. Anyway, once you do finish your homework you can do something beneficial like practicing track or softball. 
     The price for softball isn't as expensive as you think either. None of the basic  equipment goes over $100. Bats, gloves, cleats, helmets, pants, catcher gear and softballs, you can get all of that for less than $400. The girls that want to join softball can start fundraisers to help the school pay for some of the equipment. 
      To top it off, “It has the third lowest rate of injuries among 18 different sports played in high school.” The most common injuries in softball are shoulder tendinitis, neck, elbow, and forearm pain. You can prevent those injuries however, by warming up properly and not playing softball all year round.
    The AAP (American
 Academy of Pediatrics) say
 it is, “ of the safest high school sports in the United States.” Honestly wouldn't you want to try a different sport? 

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Do cell phones belong in the classroom?

By: Kayli Stone

Are you fighting to have phones in class at your school? Well, so am I and I think that it should happen. Yes, I know we have Ipads but there are some other schools out there that don't. Even though we do have Ipads, phones should still be allowed. I think we need this because what if an emergency happens? We definitely need to have our phones with us to call for help. What are we going to do-email 911?
Phones in class is a good idea. This gives us the chance to know that we have backup if something were to happen. Even though phones are very useful for emergencies, they can be used for other things as well. It can even teach responsibility. Students know not to play games or give fellow students a cheat sheet for their tests. Students can do research for their work. To 
make sure they don't cheat, teachers can make their students put their phone on airplane mode or they can set them on the teachers desk. Either one keeps the student from receiving text messages from other students. 
Now, lets go back to the emergencies. Students can call their parents just in case they forgot their calculator and need their parents to bring it without causing a scene. Another good reason is that it keeps our students happy. According to a study in 2005, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener found that happiness causes success. If we keep our students happy, they will be more willing to learn, more productive, and more likely to succeed. And isn't that what everyone wants? 
I know the other side is wrong because its the complete opposite of what I have – less success, irresponsibility, unhappiness, unsafe environment. I'm pretty sure you get my point. What if it was a more serious emergency, like a school shooting? Your phones wouldn't be sitting in your back pocket. Instead, it would be in your bags. Then where would the student be? The police probably won’t be aware of what's happening at the time and students might need to call their worried parents. Phones can be really important for most of these things and students are fighting for the same things as well. So lets be able to bring our phones to class. Lets be able to know that we always have backup at hand. Lets be able to allow phones in school!
“Happiness, more than anything, is a state of mind, a way or perceiving and approaching ourselves and the world in which we reside”. –Sonja Lyubomirsky 

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To Ring or not to Ring? 

By: Nohemi Castillo

Do you think having access to an electronic device in school is a good idea? No, for several reasons. Using a phone in school distracts students from learning, causing more students to fail. It is also a simple way for students to get on some sort of social media. It can also encourage cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is an anonymous way to say something mean about someone on the internet. Using phones in school is also an effortless way for students to cheat.
But you might think “wouldn't using a phone in school help students improve?” 
Yes, maybe, but in some cases no. Now in most schools children are provided with an electronic device that they are able to use for school purposes. In schools wherre IPads or laptops are provided, there is no need for phones. You might also say,” Using phones while having class might not be a good idea, but why can’t we use them when we have free time?” Yes, that could work but during that free time you could be working on homework or other assignments you might have so you don’t have homework at home. So don’t argue with the teacher next time you ask her if you can use your phone and remember all the reasons why she says no.

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