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        Hi! My name is Ms. DeLeon and I am your ESL/READING teacher. This is my eleventh year teaching at Friona Junior High. I love teaching!

       I have a Bachelor’s degree.  I love teaching Reading and ESL. I am so glad you are in my class.  I am looking forward to having some learning and fun experiences this year.

        I live in Bovina, Texas.  I have three daughters, Angelica, Amber (whom you will see in this building, she is a paraprofessional) and Daniela (Dani).  I have two sisters, and one brother. I have my mother (Elodia) and my father (Jose).  I also have two grandchildren…Serafin the III and AnnaLyhne, and a son-in-law Serafin.

        This year is going to be an exciting year for all of us! Come prepared for many new experiences!


Some of my favorite things are:


  1. Food: Enchiladas
  2. Movie: An Officer and a Gentleman
  3. Color: Blue
  4. Drink: Coke
  5. Season: Spring
  6. Sports team: Dallas Cowboys
  7. Hobby: Reading 






Dear Parents,

Hello! It is that time once again… back to school! I would like to extend my greetings to you as your child’s READING teacher.  I am REALLY excited about a new year at Friona Junior High School. I am excited to have your child in my class.  I know we will have a wonderful year together.

Here are my classroom rules:

  • ALWAYS be on time
  • RESPECT others and their property
  • CLEAN up after himself/herself
  • PARTICIPATE in class activities
  • TURN in assignments on time.


Supplies to bring to class EVERYDAY

  • Pen/pencils                                                 Composition notebook
  • Map colors/markers                                    Spiral notebook
  • Paper                                                           Highlighter


Grading Policy

  • There will be 12 to 16 daily grades each six weeks (some 6 weeks may have more)
  • The six weeks test/project will count ¼ of the six week grade
  • The semester test counts ¼ of the semester average
  • Book reports/ projects count as a test grade (no late book reports/ projects will be accepted-resulting in a zero).
  • I am looking forward to a successful year. If you need to visit with me, please call and make an appointment in the office at 250-2788. 

Sincerely yours


Ms. Sylvia DeLeon

Please sign this letter and return it to school.

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Student’s Signature ____________________________________ Date ______________________


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